New Additions to the Armory!

The first couple months have been awesome and I have gotten a lot of feedback in that time. One of those is to get some different guns as well as some different ammo.

You have asked and we have delivered!!

I am extremely excited to announce that we now have mosin nagant rifles that you can come in and shoot for the day. All you have to do is rent them for an hour or two and you can shoot it as much as you want.

All of these rifles come with a custom Archangel mosin stock for your pleasure. We know that mosin’s can be uncomfortable to shoot so we have taken that into consideration and made some improvements.

We also have 7.62 nagant ammo for your use and you will get over 100 rounds per rental so you will have plenty of shots to test with.

We hope that this makes your experience here at the Armory a good one and if you have any other suggestions feel free to tell us!

Welcome to our Armory!

We have just opened up a new gun armory in Downtown carlisle which is something that a lot of people have wanted here for a while now. There is a gun armory about 45 minutes away from us but who wants to drive that far? No one so we decided to open up shop here in our hometown.

There is going to be a lot that we do here at the armory but one of the coolest things is that we will have a shooting range in our shop. This is really neat and something that not a lot of places have. The range will have all of the extras to make it an awesome experience for every shooter. This gun range will allow for almost all types of guns as long as you have a firearms licence.

We will also have different gun accessories that you can swap out and see what you like the best on your gun. We have a really nice ar 15 pistol barrel that you can try out. We also have some top 10 upper receivers for the ar that will really turn around the looks of your rifle. A Buttstock for your ar15 will do wonders when it comes to make shooting more comfortable. 

ar15 rifle

We will also have a shop that will be open to the public where you will be able to purchase almost any type of gun that you would ever want. If for some reason we don’t have the gun in stock we have a neat little setup that allows for us to order any gun that we don’t have.

So you don’t ever have to worry about us not having a gun that you want because it is only a phone call away. Overall I am really excited about this new shop and you should swing by when it opens up and check it out!